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IVF Precisions, a Femtech startup based in Bengaluru (India) is founded to augment the fertility treatment by bringing in patient centric, advanced and innovative solutions into Assisted reproduction technology (ART). We at IVF Precisions combine the domain knowledge of complete IVF system to overcome the practical limitations in conventional IVF procedure by developing innovative solutions to improve objectivity, precision and ease of workflow in each step of IVF treatment. We leverage the combination of clinical, embryology, digital medicine, bioengineering and AI, enhanced with state-of-the-art innovative technologies to improve the overall IVF success rates.

Our Vision

Infertility or subfertility is a non-terminal disease and WHO recognized infertility as the third most common concern impacting society after Cancer and Heart diseases. One in every six couples experience problems in conceiving at least once during their reproductive lifetime, which amounts to 12-15% of reproductive aged couples. Globally, about 2.6 million ART cycles are performed to treat infertility with over a 0.5 million babies born (success rate at <30%). Therefore, there is a huge scope for improving IVF success rates to meet the growing demand for infertility treatment. With the current innovative solutions that we created based on thorough understanding of limitations in existing IVF procedures, we envision to achieve the cumulative IVF success rate to above 60% through increased oocyte yield, objective sperm and oocyte diagnostics, improved fertilization, high quality embryo selection, improved embryo implantation techniques that contribute to overall conception rates.

Our Mission

Success rate in IVF is a relay run. It involves the best outputs and coordination from ovum pick and embryo transfer events (Infertility specialist), IVF lab, sperm and embryo selection (embryologist) and right response and time for transfer (patient). For this reason, we are developing comprehensive IVF technology platform to improve overall IVF success with innovative solutions from sperm analysis, ovum pick up, oocytes screening, ICSI semi automation, embryo selection, cryopreservation and embryo transfer methods. Additionally, we translate digital medicine and AI applications for objective assessment of oocyte quality and selection of sperm for IVF, the two most crucial factors determining IVF success. These innovations bring intuition and ease of workflow in handling gametes/embryos and embryo selection, which increases healthy live birth rate in IVF procedures. Our mission at IVF precisions is to apply innovative end to end solutions to improve cumulative success rates and best possible patient experience. With our innovative solutions we would like to reimagine and redefine the IVF with and emphasis on improving IVF success rates to over 60%.

Complete Europe, Japan, Singapore, Israel.

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#212, vitrikr, 10th cross F/G block, Sahakaranagar, Byatarayanapura,, Bengaluru 560092.